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As a young teenager Michael joined his brother, John and a close friend in learning to take pictures and then process the black & white film in their home-made basement darkroom. As the youngest of seven in his family, he captured everything in sight...Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. As time passed, his brother and their friend lost interest in this "hobby" while Michael took it a step further as his passion for photographing grew to be more than just a "hobby". In 1977 Michael enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to study photography and applied technology. Upon completing his degree he relocated to New York City and served as an assistant under several fashion photographers at a major commercial firm on the lower west side. As his experience grew he was promoted to still life photographer. After several years of freelancing it was time to fulfill his goal of having his own studio.

Upon settling in Michigan, MICHAEL DAVID PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO was established in 1987 providing a full service studio in the Mid Michigan area. Michael has participated in several community projects and coordinated a major international emergency relief effort, documented on local television news, for the victims of the 1998 hurricane that devastated Honduras, C.A. Using the studio as a drop off point, food, medical and clothing donations were packaged and shipped directly to those in need.

Michael has a unique way of communicating with the subjects in front of his camera in a relaxed environment, bringing out their true, inner's all in the eyes! No phony awkward poses. With thousands of pleased expressions behind him, he strives to continue growing in knowledge and creativity.